Thursday, October 8, 2009

Canuck Fans, Not Luongo, Should Be Booed

I'm a long-time card carrying member of Canucks Nation.

Ever since my dad took me to my first Canucks game back in the late 70's (versus Phil Esposito's New York Rangers) I've bled blue and green...and for a while yellow, black, and "salmon" red.

Also, for the past year, I have lived outside the greater Vancouver area...and followed the team from a distance.

That distance has given me pretty good perspective on a number of things. I don't miss Vancouver bridge traffic, I do miss being by the ocean and mountains, and a disturbing number of Canuck fans are complete IDIOTS!

How on earth can you call yourself a Canuck fan, if you are sitting in the stands during the Canucks home opener and you are booing Roberto Luongo and cheering when he is pulled from the game for the backup goalie Andrew Raycroft?

If you were one of them, then you are one of those idiots.

Yes I know that Luongo flamed out in game six versus the Blackhawks last year, and I know that at that home opener, he looked awful and the Canucks were on the way to an 0-3 start, but please...GET A FREAKIN' GRIP!

You were booing the greatest goalie in Canucks history, and when you cheered for Raycroft, you were giving the verbal finger to Luongo and telling him to get "the eff" out of town.

"We don't need you Roberto. We have Andrew Raycroft." Think about what you were saying.

Sure an 0-3 start is ugly, but in case you were unaware, they play 82 games in the NHL.

0-3 start in the NFL, you are sunk. 0-3 in the NHL, unless you lose all three games 12-0, then who gives a crap?

Of course, after last night's 7-1 win over Montreal, it's all lollipops and rainbows once again in Canucks Nation. I'm sure those fairweather fans that were booing Bobby Lou a couple of nights ago, are today singing his praises, building a monument and once again planning the parade route.

So bandwagon Canuck fan, prepare yourself. The Canucks are going to lose some games. Edler is going to fall down. Dan-rik Sedin will go a few games without scoring. Luongo is going to give up some bad goals.

You don't have to be Nostradamus to see that coming.

Canuck Nation, save your breath, and if you're going to boo, remember to boo people who ACTUALLY deserve it.

For great blog regarding "premature evaluation" by TSN's James Duthie, CLICK HERE.



  1. As a fellow Vancouverite who also prays at the altar of Canuckdom, it's just what we do. Canucks "fans" can be some of the most fickle fence-sitters you'll find anywhere. I just have to remember that at least we're not Edmonton!
    Keep up the great blogs Brock

  2. of the jokes that Edmonton always says is... "we may have traffic problems/no nightlife/too many homeless etc...but at least we're not Regina."