Tuesday, October 13, 2009

BrockTalk Bites

For years people have found a way to do just a little bit of work and pass it off as a fully thought out and complete piece.

Television writers have the clip show.

Musicians have the greatest hits cd.

Heck, even retailers have the clearance rack.

So I present to you, my first edition of BrockTalk Bites...a collection of a whole bunch of things happening in sports, and I'm just too lazy to write full articles about them! Must be the tryptophan.

-If you missed the Monday Nighter between the Dolphins and the Jets...you missed a doozy! I was incredibly impressed with the 'Fins wildcat offence...how do you stop it?? The two headed monster of Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams (I'll call him BROLLIAMS!) was uber-impressive. Also Chad Henne looked great. And that Tony Sporano sure does sweat a lot!

-ESPN's "C'Mon Man!" feature before the Monday Night Game is brilliant!

-Vancouver Canucks Sami Salo, out 4-6 weeks with a knee injury. Salo is injured? Oh yes, and this just in, the world is round.

-Those were some serious meltdowns in the MLB playoffs by the guys who are supposed to come through in the clutch...the closers. I'm talking Raiders of the Lost Ark 'melt your face off' meltdowns. Nathan, Papelbon, Street...GAG!

-I've entered 3 hockey pools...I have no idea who I have anymore.

-Denver Broncos are 5-0. WFT? I thought the Chargers were supposed to run away with the AFC West...it's now a must win for the Bolts vs. the Broncos on Monday Night. A 'must win' in October? It's true.

-Derek Anderson goes 2 for 17 passing for the Browns versus the Bills, and he's KEEPING his job this week! Speaks volumes about what the Browns think of Brady Quinn.

-Toronto Maple Leafs start the season 0-5-1. Everyone outside of the GTA (non-Leaf Nation members) is loving this.

-Calgary Flames blow a 5-0 lead and lose to Chicago Monday night. If Kipprusoff can't get it done in net...they always have Curtis McIlhanney (yikes!)

-From the 'well, DUH!' category...Tiger Woods, he's pretty clutch.

-JaMarcus Russell's play is making a lot of people compare him to Ryan Leaf. Ugh. Not exactly what the Raiders envisioned when they drafted him #1 in 2007. It's time to put that experiment to bed. Paging Jeff Garcia...Jeff Garcia...please report to Oakland immediately.

-Still can't believe that Allen Iverson will be in Memphis this year.

-Sportsnet's new website is terrible. Horrendous actually.

-Great to see Paul Kariya back and playing with the skill we're used to!

-We should do all that we can to ensure Betty Fox lights the Olympic torch.

-Happy Thanksgiving...and Bob Dylan has just released a Christmas album.

-Bob...C'MON MAN!!!!!


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