Wednesday, October 28, 2009

1994 World Series Champion Montreal Expos

With the start of the 2009 World Series tonight, let's take a trip back in the 1994 World Series.

Ah, what a series it was. The powerful New York Yankees versus the lesser know, but more powerful, Montreal Expos.

Experts worldwide gave the Yankees far more, and the Expos far less, credit than they deserved.

While many called for a Yankees white-wash of the ' the words of ESPN's Chris Berman...that's why they play the games.

GAME 1 New York @ Montreal - After a blistering rendition of O Canada by Celine Dion, the series kicks off with a bang. Bernie Williams homers off Expos starter Pedro Martinez to lead off the game and the rout is on...not quite. Martinez settles down and proceeds to limit the Yankees to 3 more hits while striking out 12 over 8 innings. Moises Alou and Larry Walker go back to back in the 6th off Jimmy Key and the Expos take game one 2-1.

GAME 2 New York @ Montreal - Yankees pinch hitter Jim Leyritz steps to the plate with the bases loaded in the top of the 7th and rips a curveball from Jeff Shaw for a double down the left field line. Alou boots the ball letting all 3 runs score. Alou somewhat redeems himself with a 2 run homer in the bottom of the 7th but the damage is done. Yankees win 5-4.

GAME 3 Montreal @ New York - Rain delays the start of the game for 1 hour but that time apparently gives Yankee pitcher Jim Abbott time to figure out each Expo hitter. He baffles the Spos for 6 innings, yielding one hit. Fighting a blister on his left index finger, he yeilds to Paul Gibson. Bad move. Gibson hits Mike Lansing with his first pitch and things just get worse from there. The Expos bat around in the 7th, hilighted by an upper deck homer by Larry Walker and the Expos win going away 7-1.

GAME 4 Montreal @ New York - With no stolen bases in the first three games, both teams go nutty on the basepaths. The Expos swipe four (Grissom, Walker, Lou Frazier with two) while the Yankees take six off of a bewildered Darin Fletcher (Williams and Luis Polonia 2 each, Mike Gallego, Randy Velarde). The Yankees play some "NL small ball," get a monstorous homerun from Danny Tartabull and teriffic pitching from Jimmy Key to take game four, 4-0.

GAME 5 Montreal @ New York - The series is tied two games a piece and tensions run high. In the 6th inning, after Cliff Floyd launches a 3 run bomb, surprise game five starter Scott Kamineicki throws behind Wil Cordero and both benches empty. No punches are thrown but both sides are warned. In the bottom of the inning, Expos starter Ken Hill drills Bernie Williams and is ejected. The Expos bullpen can't get it done and gives up four runs in the inning. Yankees win 6-4.

GAME 6 New York @ Montreal - The series returns to La Belle Province and no one is happier than Youppi! The Expos mascot has to be carted off the field on a stretcher in the top of the first after he falls off the Yankees dugout while dancing with excitement. Despite the bad omen, the Expos bring their A game and crush 4 home runs (Alou, Grissom, Rondell White, Sean Berry) while Jeff Fassero, Mel Rojas and John Wetteland silence the Yankees bats. Expos win 9-0.

GAME 7 New York @ Montreal - Nothing like a game seven! The Big O is jammed to the rafters and Pedro Martinez and Jimmy Key each take to the mound for the third time in the series. Both pitchers struggle with command early, but stellar defence (including an sensational rug-burn inducing sliding catch by Marquis Grissom) keep the score close. They both turn things over to the bullpen. As has been the case all year, Mel Rojas and John Wetteland are unhittable, while the Yankees bullpen can't get it done. Expos backup catcher Tim Spehr pulls a line drive homer down the right field line in the bottom of the 8th of Bob Wickman. Then, soon to be named World Series MVP Moises Alou follows with his third home of the series to ice it. Expos win the game 4-3, the series 4-3, and their first, and only, World Series.

*Editors note: The preceding games actually did take place, in BrockTalk's mind only. DREAM ON BUDDY!

Speaking of DREAM ON...if you've never seen this piece by can thank me now. Simply amazing.


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