Thursday, February 25, 2010

Shock and Awe

If you predicted that the Canadian men's hockey team would come out and absolutely manhandle the Russian squad in their quater-final matchup yesterday...please stand up.

Okay, now that EVERYONE is still sitting, let's discuss.

If you were like me, you were in your chair at the end of the first period and you were thinking "my God...we're up 4-1? I can't believe it. What year is this?"

No one believed it.

Not Mike Babcock. Not Stephen Harper. Not Billy the Bartender at your local pub. Geez, I bet that even Donald S. Cherry wouldn't have believed you if you said we'd be up 4-1 after a period versus Russia.

But after 20 minutes, for all intents and purposes, this game was finished.

Throw in 2 goals early in the second by Canada, and Rita McNeil was already into her final verse...'she' was singing.

Ohhhhhhhhhh Caaaaaaaaanadaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

The semis bring us a matchup with Slovakia. They won't be a pushover, but it's hard not to look past that game and determine that there's a pretty good shot that if Canada beats the Slovaks...they'll meet the Amarrrricans in the gold medal game. (If the Yankees beat Finland)

Hmmmmmmmmm...I wonder if that would be exciting at all?

On with the games... I AM CANADIAN!