Friday, October 23, 2009

Cause It's 1, 2, 3 Blow Calls Yer Out

As a former official, I tend to be a bit lenient when it comes to the guys and gals who wear the stripes, carry the whistles and don the mask.

But the more I watch the MLB playoffs, the more comical the officiating has become. I can't defend them anymore!

This post season, it's been blown call after blown call after blown call. And these aren't just "close calls"...they are blatant screw ups. Errors that are so bad that you honestly, truly wonder, if the umps really do need glasses.

How else can you explain Phil Cuzzi's foul call on a drive by Joe Mauer that was not only touched in fair territory, but it landed in fair territory. And Cuzzi was RIGHT THERE!

It's not like he was 200 feet away, look how close to the play he actually was.

And how about Tim McClelland? Talk about wearing some large goat-horns!

First he calls Nick Swisher out for leaving the bag early on a sac fly (while not even looking at Swisher during the play) and then the grand-daddy of all blown calls (currently being referred to as the "worst call of all time")...missing the obvious double play at 3rd by Angels catcher Mike Napoli.

Again, the ump was standing RIGHT THERE.

For a great video breakdown on the game 4 umpiring madness CLICK HERE.

At least McClelland manned up and admitted his mistake after the game, and was obviously upset and embarrassed...but guys...come on!

So MLB has now decided to break with tradition and use only experienced umpires during the World Series. In the past at least one ump in the six man crew, would be doing the Classic for the first time.

"Good," you may say. "They should have the most experienced umps doing the playoffs!"

Sad thing is, Cuzzi has been an MLB umpire for 19 years and McClelland 26 years.

Maybe it's time for MLB with younger eyes, not older.

I can only imagine how ole Earl Weaver would have reacted if he was managing during this year's playoffs...probably a lot like this (caution...BAD language! And why aren't officials and coaches mic'ed up every game? This stuff is priceless!!!)


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