Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Double Dribble

First off, let me state that I am not a hardcore hoop-head. I watch it now and then, cheer for the Memphis (Vancouver) Grizzlies and can pretty much live off the highlights. But with the new season starting tonight, I thought I should at least give it a little acknowledgment.

So, tonight's the tip-off of the latest edition of the Kobe vs. Lebron League...aka...the NBA.

No matter how much the NBA wants to talk about the bevvy of stars that run their courts, for the casual fan, it always comes back to Kobe and Lebron.

Again, from the casual fan's perspective, will you tune in to see players like Dwight Howard, Chris Paul, Kevin Garnett or Chris Bosh? Unless you have a vested interest in the teams that they play on, not likely.

Will casual "court surfers" tune into an NBA game if Kobe or Lebron are on the floor? It's a helluva lot more likely.

I know there are millions of fans who are absolutely bursting at the seams with excitement because of the start of the season. And don't want to take anything away from the rest of the NBA players, but unless 24 or 23 is on the court, I'm not terribly interested.

Further, when it comes to basketball, is there really any reason to watch anything but the final two minutes of a tight game? (which, admittedly, can be incredible viewing, especially in the playoffs)

Anyhow, four games tonight, with Cleveland (Lebron and Shaq) taking on Boston (Garnett and Rasheed Wallace) as the marquee event. Should be a good tilt, but I'll just wait for the highlights.

Now if you want some REAL basketball action...

Or a great track to get you pumped for the b-ball season...


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  1. Basketball serves even less of a point than golf. There isn't a sport on the planet I could possibly be less interested in, and this includes darts played by neo-nazis drinking Zima. I reply only because I love your blog.