Sunday, October 25, 2009

October 25th and Baseball

As tempted as I am to talk about the continues woes of the Toronto Maple Laffs, I can't do it because I'm enjoying their slide so much and I don't want to jinx anything (cue the Laffs winning their next game because I wrote this!)

So I'll turn my attention to baseball again.

Game six of the ALCS goes tonight in the Bronx (weather permitting).

By the end of the evening, it's possible that the Yankees could be off to the World Series, or, the Angels could have forced a game 7 (my personal choice).

The way October 25th has shaped up in the past, I expect something magical to happen tonight for a few different reasons.

October 25, 1923, Bobby Thompson was born. Ever heard of him?

October 25, 1971, Pedro Martinez was born. Ever heard of him? (Showing love for the Expos!)

And oh ya, October 25, 1986, Mookie Wilson hit a little roller hit up along first...

A couple of pretty significant birthdays, and one of the most memorable moments in sports history...October 25 has been a pretty big day in baseball history.

Will the Yankees and Phillies add to the legend of the day? We'll find out tonight.


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