Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Simply The Worst

For years, the Vancouver Canucks "Flying V" uniform has been universally mocked as the ugliest uniform of all time.

But after what we saw on the turf at Qwest Field this past Sunday, Harold Snepts and Richard Brodeur can wear those old unis with pride.

The Seattle Seahawks debuted what is now, in my opinion, the ugliest uniform in the history of sports.

As witnessed by the picture at the top of this posting, I give you the Hawks new..."I ate a ton of lime sorbet, drank a case of Mountain Dews, went on the Tilt-A-Whirle then threw up" jerseys!

And if you think they looked bad in pictures, seeing them in action is even worse:

What in the hell are these all about? Lime green vest...with dark sleeves, pants and helmet.

These are a joke right?

Oh they're not? Then where are the matching neon green legwarmers and hot pink headbands? And who knew that Lillian Vander Zalm went into uniform design!

For the sake of Hawks fans, I hope that these duds are shelved as quickly as their team's season has gone in the toilet.

But as a Canuck fan who has suffered through, not just one bad uniform, but seemingly dozens, I hope the Seahawks continue to wear these and look as ridiculous as they did on Sunday.

Talk about Color Me Badd (what a fluke, the Hawks jerseys match CMB's shirts!)

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