Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Going, Going, GONE

Yesterday, the Los Angeles Dodgers make a couple of shrewd moves to load up their roster for the upcoming MLB playoffs. One of those moves, was aquiring slugger Jim Thome from the Chicago White Sox.

Not only is Thome recognized as one of the 'good guys' in baseball, he can also MASH!

This will give the Dodgers two top notch sluggers in their lineup, when Thome joins Manny Ramirez and the rest of the Dodgers today.

Together, Thome and Man-Ram have knocked 1,106 career homers. Pitchers beware!

So with these sluggers united in La La Land, it got me thinking about some of the hitters that are a 'must see.' These are the guys that you have to stop and watch when you're doing a little diamond surfing on the tube. They hit them big. They hit them long. And sometimes they hit them out of the stadium!

According to hittrackeronline.com, the longest home run hit this season was slammed by Arizona Diamondback Mark Reynolds...and whopping 481 feet. Yet Reynolds, won't make the following list (though in a few years he probably will...even though he's 2nd in the majors with 40 dingers, I just haven't seen enough of the guy to make me say 'hey, buzz off, I'm watching Mark Reynolds')

Sticking with current MLB players, these guys always have the abilitly to provide a 'did you see that home run last night?' moment when they step to the plate...

5. Prince Fielder - His top knock this year travelled 460 feet. When Cecil's 'little' (and I use that term loosely) boy steps to the plate, it's always time to put down your brewski and watch him swing away.

4. Adam Dunn - 3 of the top 10 longest home runs hit this year were hit by BAD, Big Adam Dunn (the longest being 473 ft). Too bad no one ever sees his dingers since he plays on such a lousy Washington team.

3. David Ortiz - I know his production is down due to his horrendous start and there's been the cloud of suspicion around him all year regarding 'roids...but when Big Papi steps to the plate, don't change the channel or you could miss something spectacular. Plus, Red Sox haters can celebrate when he fails to get the job done.

2. Manny Ramirez - Ya ya ya...another dude, like Ortiz, that should have an asterisk by his name, but there is no denying the fact that when Man-Ram digs in, everybody and their brother wants to see what the outcome is.

1. Albert Pujols - Phat Albert leads MLB with 41 homers, many of them being of the spectacular variety. Oh ya, he's also hitting .320. Albert is definitely the King of Swing in MLB right now.

Those are my fave 5 to watch...what about you? Did I leave someone out that YOU always want to watch?

Leave me a comment, and don't forget, 'chicks dig the longball':


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