Monday, September 7, 2009

Am I A Bad Canadian?

Last night in Vancouver, the Canadian women's hockey team took on the American women in the gold medal game of the Hockey Canada Cup, a 2010 Olympics test event.

The Canadians ended up losing to the Americans 2-1...making it four consecutive tournaments in which the Yanks have beaten the Canadians.

Do I care?

Not one bit.

Should I care?


I'm not going to apologize for not liking women's hockey.

I won't apologize for not liking water polo, cricket or table tennis, so why should I make excuses for not being interested in this game?

Women's hockey just isn't my thing.

"But you're Canadian, you have to support our women's team," the PC-world is saying to me.

Oh I support them..."Go Canada" I say!

But will I be clearing my schedule to watch the women's hockey team play in the Olympics?


Being a lifelong fan of the type of hockey which feature bodychecking, playoff beards and the odd fight...women's hockey just doesn't give me the same kind of rush watching "mens" hockey does.

I've seen women's games from ice level. I've sat right up against the glass for it. And what did I find? It's slower. It's less physical. It's got full facemasks. And there is too much high-pitched yelling on the ice!

I know that Kim St. Pierre, Meghan Agosta, Sarah Vaillancourt and the rest of the players train incredibly hard, sacrificing time, money and their families to make their dreams come true...but do are lugers, figure skaters and cross-country skiers.

I hope the Canadian women reach their goal and win that gold medal in 2010. I really do! I just won't be sitting on pins and needles waiting for it to happen. Just like I won't be waiting breathlessly to see how we do in biathlon.

I just like some other sports more than women's hockey.

Considering there were just over 8000 people at GM Place last night in Vancouver for a game that was billed as a "preview" of the Olympic gold medal game, it seems that I'm not alone.



  1. you are not being a bad Canadian, you are just being a man. It's the same reason we don't watch the WNBA.

  2. The tournament was horribly promoted out here. No ads, no TV coverage, no newspaper previews... it was like they blew into town in the dead of night, played a game, and blew back out. 8,000 people was a miraculous turnout considering how poorly it was promoted.

    It would be interesting to know how many of the few thousand unsold Olympic tickets are for women's hockey.

  3. BLT...I hear ya.
    Why does Mike Wilbon love the WNBA so much? He must have a vested intrest in it!

    JB...I'm sure the Olympic women's tourney will sell out...considering that people from all over the world will be in Vancity. But we shall see.