Saturday, September 5, 2009

Orange-ya Glad they Wore Those Unis?


Nothing rhymes with it, and no other jersey pops like it.

Last night, while the BC Lions were upsetting the Montreal Alouettes in CFL action, they were wearing their gorgeous orange home unis.

A few years ago, the Leos decided to go back to the orange/black/white colour combo that they were famous for in the 70's and 80's...a great decision.

Orange is a jersey colour that, for the most part, works very well for those teams who choose to rock it. Orange is a bold colour choice that can look fantastic, like the Lions, or pretty questionable, like the New York Islanders third jersey from a few years ago.

Some memorable uses of orange include:

MLB - Houston Astros The "rainbow" jersey. One word...YIKES!

NFL - Denver Broncos. The Orange Crush. Even though I couldn't (and still can't) stand the Broncos, I have to give them props for these beautiful uniforms.

NBA - Phoenix Suns. When it comes to roundball, I'd suggest teams stay away from orange. It just doesn't work as well as in other sports. Though, the Phoenix alternates do have a have decent look.

NHL - Philadelphia Flyers. Last year the Flyers debuted a 3rd jersey that could quite possibly be, the BEST uniform in the history of the NHL. Beautiful orange...and with the white name's amazing!

Soccer - The Netherlands. When international soccer is being played, and you see a team in orange, every soccer fan knows it's likely The Netherlands. Plus, with the Dutch fans, the Orange Army, all decked out in orange, it makes for quite a sight on the international stage.

While I love a good orange jersey lets not get too carried away with it. There are currently more than enough out there.

What orange unis do YOU like? Leave a comment and let the world know.

By the way, what DOES rhyme with orange?


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