Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Goooooo Team Generic!

While watching the Esks/Stamps Labour Day Classic yesterday, I noticed a player on the Eskies named Maurice Mann.

I didn't notice him because of anything spectacular...but because of his name: "Mann."

Pretty generic sounding don't ya think?

So it got me thinking about some of the other players that have been on the sports scene whose names really stood out because of their genericness...I think I just made up a word.

All these players have managed to make a name for themselves, despite their name.

Jimmy MANN - 895 penalty minutes in 293 NHL games...Jimmy was a MANNiac!

Robert PERSON - 51 wins over 9 MLB seasons...he's more than just a person!

Kevan GUY - "Who's that guy?" "Right." "No, which Guy is that?" "Kevan." "Huh?" A hockey version of Who's on First.

David PEOPLES - a couple of PGA tourney wins under his belt and the public still thinks there are two Peoples.

Arthur BLANK - If he used to be a big partier, I wonder if the Atlanta Falcon's owner used to be known as "Blank Cheque?"

Bob FELLER - this generic sounding name only exists in the south and must be preceded by a "how you doin' there" when spoken.

John CHICK - the poor guy, I mean person, I mean feller...I'm getting a headache.

In the end, after the fame and fourtune and...ridicule...these men all got what they really wanted all along...just a little respect.

**Note...after watching this video/performance...it's possible that this song will never sound the same to you again. YIKES!**


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