Thursday, September 17, 2009

Just Say NO To Theo

Tonight, after six years away from the NHL, Theo Fleury makes his return to the game with the Calgary Flames.

He'll be lacing up the blades for an exhibition game with the Flames as part of his 'tryout,' in an attemt to re-start his NHL career.

Pardon me if I'm absolutley underwhelmed about this event.

Yes, it may have something to do with the fact that I like the Flames like I enjoy a burning itch in my groin, but I hope this comeback goes DOWN in flames.

Oh i know the bleeding hearts and Fleury fans are out there... "But he's lived such a hard life. You have to cheer for the underdog to make it back!"

In the words of my friend RDB... "PUH-LEEEESE!"

Remember how much you probably detested Theo?

Certainly Oilers fans remember this:

Oh ya, remember it was Theo who started one of the most disgraceful moments in Canadian hockey history:

Or maybe it's because of his antics like we see at :36 of this's really easy to be a tough guy with Sandy McCarthy standing behind you:

Seriously...Theo...please go away. The NHL is fine without you.


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