Monday, August 31, 2009

Annual Inspiration

Yesterday, I had the priviledge of being part of the radio broadcast coverage of the Subaru Ironman Canada triathlon on EZ Rock AM 800 in Penticton, B.C.

It was the seventh Ironman Canada that I've been part of, and every year it gives me immense inspiration.

These athletes are amazing. Unbeliveable. Phenomenal. And just a little crazy.

You have to be just a little off your rocker to do a 3.8 km swim, followed by a 180 km bike, and then cap it off by pounding the pavement for 40.2 km...all within 17 hours. But 2,381 athletes did just that.

Being as close as I was to the transition area (where the athletes transition from swim to bike, and bike to run), I got a great appreciation for all the different types of athletes that participate in this race.

Sure, you have the uber-fit professional triathletes who have zero percent body fat and who finish the race in 8:25:13 like men's winner Justin Rapp of New York or 9:11:20 like women's winner Tereza Macel of Toronto.

But you also have the 'age groupers' who come in all shapes and sizes...tall, short, skinny, um, 'large.'

Seeing the age groupers involved in the race makes an average athlete, like myself, consider the possibility of training for and entering the Ironman. (Although after giving my head a shake, I'll start with training for a 5k run and go from there.)

And speaking of inspirations, how about Sister Madonna Buder of Spokane, Washington, who completed the race in 16:54:30.

Oh ya, she's 79 years young!

It was another unforgettable and inspirational day in Penticton. I highly reccommend that you take the time to check out an Ironman race if one is ever in your area. You'll be blown away by what the human body is capable of.

I'll leave you with some (cheesy) inspirational music from Billy Ocean for all those training for the 2010 Subaru Ironman Canada.


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