Friday, August 21, 2009

Usain is Insane!

Usain Bolt's lucky number must be 11. Make that .11.

Over the last few days, the Jamaican sprinter has broken his own world records at the 100 and 200 metre races at the world championships in Berlin by a whopping .11 seconds in both events.

In the 100, he lowered the record to 9.58 from 9.69. In the 200, he dropped it to 19.19 from 19.30.

Usain Bolt is demolishing sprint records like Kobayashi demolishes a stack of hotdogs.

Sprinting has had some tremendous atheletes over the years...Carl Lewis, Florence Griffith-Joyner, and Donovan Bailey come to mind...but the sport has NEVER seen a guy like Usain Bolt.

Not only is he an out-of-this-world sprinter, but he's an over the top personality. When he's not obiltterating world records, he's signing autographs, taking pictures with kids, hamming it up with mascots, and busting out his famous post-race pose. Bolt's personable, funny, and a gift to the sporting world.

The governing body of track and field couldn't be happier.

Usain, on your way to setting even more records, keep that pee clean and never stop running down a dream!



  1. You put Tom Petty in there and I gotta coment. How can you not mention the framed Ben Johnson.

  2. There was great internal debate about including Ben...but I will include his famous quote:
    "The gun goes. I win."
    He really was a master of the English language.

  3. I remember it as "The gun go off, the race be over" as he looked into the cameras with his yellow eyes.