Thursday, August 13, 2009

Archie! Archie! Archie!

Heading into the 2009/2010 season, the Washington Capitals have a very talented, but very raw, Semyon Varlamov as their number one goaltending prospect.

Varlamov showed flashes of brilliance in the 2009 playoffs:

...but he's obviously still a work in progress who needs to be coached and nurtured properly to bring out his full potential.

So, to help with the growth and development of their number one prospect, the Caps have opened up the wallet and brought in a man who has racked up 218 wins, posted 33 shutouts and given multiple heart-attacks to coaches, GM's and fans a like with his stickhandling, um, "skills."

The Washington Capitals new goaltending coach is, Arturs "Archie" Irbe.

Say whaaaaaaaaaaaat?

Arturs Irbe??? Was Jim "The Net Detective" Carey not available? Certainly Mike Liut could step down as an agent for a few seasons! Did the Caps even try to get in touch with Pat Riggin?

Okay, Archie did have his moments in the sun and had a career GAA of 2.83, but if you asked any hockey fan which goalie they would want to have mentor a young goaltending prospect...the name "Arturs Irbe" likely wouldn't be the first, or 500th, out of their mouth.

Regardless, Archie was loved by fans and teammates wherever he played. Maybe it had something to do with his short, pudgy look, his competitiveness, his ugly stickhandling and even uglier helmet.

For Caps fans, they're just hoping that Archie doesn't end up turning Varlamov into Jughead.


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