Saturday, August 15, 2009

Welcome to Loserville

Back in 1976-77, when the NFL's Tampa Bay Buccaneers were in the midst of their putrid 26 game losing streak (all 14 games in '76, and the first 12 games of '77), when asked by a reporter about his team's execution, coach John McKay replied:

"I'm all for it."

McKay was legendary when it came to one liners regarding his team's awful play.

While they are not suffering through the same run of futility, the Toronto Argonauts are definitely having some significant problems with their own execution.

Last night, the Argos were leading the BC Lions 25-14 heading into the 4th quarter. They were having a great night from their new quarterback Cody Pickett. Their kicker was on his way to tying a team record, by kicking 7 field goals in one game.

But, it all unravelled and the Boatmen ended up losing 36-28.

That their 9th STRAIGHT at home. A new team record. That, is dreadful.

In the CFL, each team gets 9 home games. So right now, the Arrrrrgoooooooooos have basically gone an entire season at Rogers Centre without a win.

It's somewhat understandable if a team can't get things done on the road. You're in a hostile environemnt, living in hotels, time change etc. But losing 9 in a row at home is just pathetic and completely unacceptable.

Being a western Canadian, as much as it pains me to say it, Toronto is a very valuable franchise in the CFL. They play in the biggest market, with the most corporate money, and with the most media exposure. For the long term success of the league, the good ship Argo better get it together, and fast.

In the mean time, the Argos and their fans are singing this song today:

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