Monday, August 17, 2009

Y.E. Yang? Y-E-S!

How could I NOT do a little BrockTalking about the victory yesterday by little known Y.E. Yang, over, let's call him relatively well known, Tiger Woods at the 91st PGA Championship?

What a story!

Y.E. Yang, the guy ranked 110th in the world, the guy who didn't start playing golf until he was 19, the guy who once did a tour of duty with the South Korea military, is now the man who beat the dude who is money in the bank (or credit union) with the lead.

Tiger had NEVER lost a major championship when leading after 56 holes before yesterday.

The funny thing is, that Tiger played some great golf. For the most part he hit the ball long and straight, but fell victim to a problem that every golfer can attest to...a lousy flat stick.

Watch the highlights, it's all you'll see. Tiger missing putt after putt after putt.

Sure, Yang had an amazing hybrid shot to within 10 feet of the pin on 18 to all but clinch the tourney, but the saying "drive for show, put for dough" never rang as true as it did on Sunday.

In the end, Tiger's fans (including CBS) can continue to fly Eldrick's flag saying "well, he's only lost a major when leading after 56 once!"

So today, let Y.E. Yang have his moment in the sun. He deserves it.

On another note, maybe Tiger just needs to pick up a few tips from Chevy Chase:


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