Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fame is fleeting

Fame is fleeting.

Case in point: David Tyree of the NFL's New York Giants.

You may recall back in 2008, little known 6th round draft pick David Tyree made the most incredible catch in New York Giants history, and possibly in Super Bowl history. He hauled in an Eli Manning desperation throw in Super Bowl XLII by pinning the ball to his head and somehow, miraculously, managing to hang onto it.

"The Catch" was made with just :59 left in the game and kept alive a drive that ended up winning the game and the Super Bowl for the Giants, over the heavily favoured and, at the time, undefeated New England Patriots.

Tyree became instantly famous.

Well, flash-forward to today, where it seems that David Tyree may be out of a job.

At best, he sits 6th on the depth chart for the G-Men...and that likely means relegation to special teams or an outright release.

Needless to say, it seems that David Tyree's 15 minutes are going to be up real soon.

But he won't be the first to make a splash before quickly falling off the sporting radar screen:

New York Yankees Bucky Dent. His home run sank the Red Sox in '78. He went on to be the World Series MVP but finished his career batting a pedestrian .247.

Washington Redskins Timmy Smith. He rushed for a Super Bowl record 204 yards in Super Bowl XXII. It was his only signifcant achievement as an NFL player.

James "Buster" Douglas. He did the unthinkable when he knocked out the undefeated and unstoppable Mike Tyson in 1990. He defended the title only once (losing in the 3rd round to Evander Holyfield) before retiring from boxing.

and of course...

Despite the legendary status of this goal, Paul Henderson had a very average NHL career and, despite pleas from some, he is not in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

So in the end, one play does not a career make...but at least your one play will live on forever.



  1. Two words: John. Druce.

    In the 1990 playoffs, the career fourth-liner scored 14 times in 15 games. His game 2 division final hat trick was his first since midget.

  2. Excellent contribution Jordan...and thanks for reading!
    I totally forgot about that guy.
    Chris Kontos is another...9 G 0 A in 11 games in the '89 playoffs for the Kings!