Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Man Up, Mark

Okay...I know this will be shocking and groundbreaking and catch the entire sporting world by surprise...but...here goes....

Mark McGwire did 'roids.

I'll wait for you to catch your breath.

Yes, after many months, or years, of McGwire saying nothing about how he went from skinnyman to Superman...he has admitted that yes, he did steroids back in his playing days.

But his admission is still registering as "off the charts" when it comes to the bullshit meter.

Did he ever take roids to improve his long ball hitting performance?

"No," he said. BULLSHIT.

Does he think that if he didn't do any juice, he'd still break Roger Maris' homerun record and routinely hit over 50 a season?

"Yes," he said. BULLSHIT.

Did he ever inject with teammates like Jose Canseco, who for years said that they DID inject together?

"Of course not," he said. BULLSHIT.

McGwire is so full of crap his tears will be brown when he finally 'breaks down' in front of the the media...which I'm sure will happen when he has his first press conference.

Sure it was good of Big Mac to admit to doing roids (of course he says he took them initially just to heal his body and continued to use them to maintain his health)...but...in the words of the Monday Night Football crew...COME ON MAN!

McGwire, are you REALLY telling us that you never took steroids to increase your productivity?

Dude, man up, be honest with yourself and the public and tell them you juiced so you could smash a million homers and be done with it. It's not that hard...and you'll probably feel better about the whole thing when you do.

Oh, that's right, he also says he had "been given the gift to hit homers."

Well that may be true, having a 'gift' will help you slam some balls out of the park. But that 'gift' didn't give you 48 inch guns and forearms bigger than Popeye...unless that 'gift' was a free cycle or two from your dealer.

Mark McGwire's admission was pathetic at best...and he still has a LONG way to go to gain any credibility from me, and many of the doubting public.

Chicks may dig the longball...but the only thing McGwire is digging...is a deeper hole.


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