Wednesday, January 20, 2010

BrockTalk Bites 2.0

It's been several months since the last installment of my cyber-clip show...BrockTalk Bites. So here we go with a variety of observations from the past few months in sports:

Starting with my most painful observation...this hurts...San Diego Chargers lose to the New York Jets in the NFL Playoffs. Simply, the Bolts played their worst game of the year, got awful performances from QB Philip Rivers and kicker Nate Kaeding and took stupid penalties. Add it all up and that means yer done!

Footnote...I'm pretty sure LaDanian Tomlinson has played his last game as a Charger...he's been an amazing player and person for the organization. I hope he leaves/retires on good terms with the team.

Seems that the Tiger Talk has subsided (other than his trips to the sex addiction clinics)...I can hear the golf fans now, getting antsy for his return. I don't think it will be too long.

Ron MacLean should be reprimanded for his one-sided attack on Alex Burrows on HNIC. It wasn't the clips of Burrows' "transgressions" that angered was MacLean putting all the words in Burrows' mouth...very amateur.

I really like what the Seattle Mariners have done in the offseason...adding the likes of Chone Figgins, Cliff Lee and extending their ace Felix Hernandez...things are looking up in the Emerald City.

I wasn't overy excited about the Olympics, but after the men's hockey team was announced, and I spent 3 days in Vancouver, I'm pumped. The Olympic flame rolls through the South Okanagan Jan. 24/25 too!

Rex Ryan annoys me to no end (and that was before his Jets beat my Chargers.) Just when I thought Bill Belicheck was the most arrogant coach in pro sports...along comes Rexy. But I'll give him this, he is always good for a quote.

Nice to see Andre Dawson get into the MLB Hall of Fame. As much as I'd like to see him enshrined in an Expos hat, my money says he goes in wearing a Cubs one.

Good to hear that Brock Lesnar will be back in the UFC soon. Crazy illness that he had to suffer through.

Doubly good to hear that Vancouver City Council approved MMA in the city...the 604 will be going bonkers when the UFC rolls into town in the summer.

Three leading scrappers in the NHL are Zenon Konopka, Brandon Prust and Matt Carkner (who, who and who?)...the kids are bringin' the bombs!

BC Lions are getting hit hard in the offseason...losing Martell Mallett to the NFL and Philadelphia Eagles REALLY hurts. That being said, if he doesn't make the team, he could be back in orange and black soon.

Speaking of CFL...good riddance to that idiot in Winnipeg Mike Kelly...what an embarrassment to the league. And Eric Tillman...sorry...I still don't buy the whole 'mixing medications' excuse.

Nice to see the Memphis Grizzlies getting it together...funny how from the day they dropped Allen Iverson...things have really come together for them. They are stacked with a pretty damn fine roster...Zach Randolph, OJ Mayo, Marc Gasol, Rudy Gay...keep it going Grizz!!

It's going to be a fine summer of footy! World Cup 2010 is on the way and I always get jacked for it...and cheering on my adopted "home country" The Netherlands. Go Oranje!

I started with the I'll end with it...I see Indy beating the Jets and the Saints beating the Vikes this weekend...a Colts/Saints Super Bowl would be a gooder.

Okay...that's it for now...I think I'm up to date and have commented on almost everything that's caught my eye over the last few months.

Watch for BrockTalk Bites 3.0 down the the meantime...enjoy the best of the Seinfeld clip show...nice redundancy!


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