Monday, January 25, 2010

Flame On!

Just a quick note on a day when the "Winter Games" (garsh...sure can't use that O word) torch rolls through Osoyoos, Oliver and Penticton.

I must say it's pretty cool to see the exitement in the towns when the runners carry it through...and I am somewhat jealous of NOT being chosen as a runner (thanks RBC...yer never getting MY business!!!!)

The crowd last night in Osoyoos for the cauldron lighting was massive, and so far the crowds lining the streets in Oliver, OK Falls, Kaleden and Penticton have been super enthusiastic and in great spirits. I'm sure the crowd at the South Okanagan Events Centre in Penticton will be a lively well as the people in Summerland (who can boast TWO Olympians...freestyle skiier Kristi Richards and bobsledder Justin Kripps!)

On side note, the standard all white torch runner outfits aren't what I would call 'flattering'...but I suppose if one runner has to look fat and frumpy then they ALL do.

Anyhow...onwards and upwards with the march to the games! In celebration of our nation...I bring you a little love from South Park!


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