Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Great American Traditions

There aren't many things that make me say, "Boy, I wish I was American"...but there are a few.

Being able to pick up 24 cans of Bud for 9.99 at the grocery store is one, and the other, Thanksgiving football!

Sure we can enjoy the traditional slate of 3 Turkey Day games here in Canada on the tube (being a freelance writer I'm preeeetty sure I'll find some time to watch), but from what I can gather, I would REALLY enjoy kickin' it USA style on Thanksgiving.

You know...spending an entire day sitting around with the family and friends, eating turkey, drinking that cheap Bud and watching a full day of NFL football!

In between games, we could all gather on the lawn for a little game of two hand touch and throw the ball around while wearing our cords and oversized fall themed sweaters (does that really happen?)

The beauty of this day is that the games don't even have to be the best matchups. In fact, this years games feature some pretty lousy teams...ahem...Detroit, Oakland and the 5 game losing streak Broncos. But, WHO CARES?

While I still think that the Canadian Thanksgiving falls at the perfect time (mid-October gives you enough time to digest all that turkey before downing another bird at Christmas), it's tomorrow's Thursday football frenzy that makes me envious of the US version of Thanksgiving Day.

Hmmm...Thanksgiving Day...TD...touchdown! It's all starting to make sense to me!

Oh ya, that Black Friday shopping spree isn't such a bad thing either.

Happy Thanksgiving to my American readers. Bring on the games, and I hope your turkey doesn't turn out like this:


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