Saturday, November 28, 2009

Carlton Gets Cut

The Toronto Maple Leafs can wait no longer and they've decided that a change has to be made.

Despite their somewhat inspired play of late, the braintrust (?) at MLSE has had enough, and made a drastic move to try to turn around the fourtunes of their sad-sack hockey team.

They've fired...Carlton the Bear.

While MLSE says that Carlton will be "retired" mid-December, we all know what's really going on...this is definitely a FIRING!

Rather than point the fingers at players like Blake, Schenn or head coach Ron Wilson, they've made Carlton the Bear, the scapegoat..or...scapebear!

For 20 years, Carlton has poured his heart and soul into the Leafs, and THIS is how they repay him???

In light of Carlton's dismissal, I thought I'd bring you my top 5 mascots...based on a highly scientific formula where e=laughs and x=giggles while y=head shaking disapproval.

5. Fin - come on, I have to slide a Canucks reference in here. And it's pretty cool when the smoke comes out of his blowhole!
4. The Stanford Tree - how can you not love a freakin' TREE that's a mascot?
3. The Philly Phanatic - Long serving and instantly recognizeable...does a great "fat umpire" imitation
2. Youppi! - Very VERY cool that the Habs adopted Youppi! after the Expos moved to DC
1. The Famous Chicken - Who else could it be? He is truly the best in the business!!

Who are your faves? Post a comment and let me know.

How can you not love The Chicken???


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