Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Okay, first blog post and what am I going to do to mark the occasion?

I'm writing about a player you likely have not heard of, playing on a team that you likely don't care about, accomplishing something you SHOULD pay attention to:

  1. Josh Willingham

  2. Washington Nationals

  3. 2 grand slams hit in one game
Click here to see the slams and read more.

Not only is this accomplishment rare...it's more rare than pitching a perfect game!

Last week White Sox hurler Mark Buehrle threw a perfect game...18th in MLB history. WillingSLAM's accomlishment, just the 13th in MLB history.

Although, WillingSLAM's accomplishment is still bettered by what Fernando Tatis did back in 1999: he hit two slams in ONE INNING off the same pitcher (Chan Ho Park)...now that is something else!

Regardless, show Josh WillingSLAM some love today.


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