Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bruce is loose in Steeltown

Yesterday the Tornoto Argonauts managed to find a taker for controversial wide receiver Arland Bruce III. They shipped Bruce to their provincial rival Hamilton Tiger Cats for a couple of players and draft picks.

Recently, Bruce was fined for celebrating a touchdown by impersonating Michael Jackson in a coffin (figure that one out!), he's been in a very public spat with his coach, he's called out his quarterback and generally, just tarnished the image of the Argos, the CFL and himself.

My question to Hamilton is "why on earth do you want this dude?"

Yes, he's a great talent, but for a team loaded with young, impressionable and inexperienced players, do you really want to bring in a guy who somehow manages to put an "I" in "team"?

Apparently they do.

In an interview yesterday, Hamilton qb Quinton Porter spoke about the Ti-Cats and how he and his teammates all have a blue-collar work ethic and subscribe to the "one for all and all for one" mantra. He said there are "no stars on the team" and that if Bruce doesn't fit in, he'd better find a way to.

Conversely, when Bruce was asked if he was going to change at all, now that he's heading to Hamilton for a fresh start he said, "Ya, I'm changing my number."

Enjoy the Bruce Show Hamilton!


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