Friday, July 31, 2009

"Dead"line far from dead

The only trade deadline in Major League Baseball that really matters came and went today.

Sure there are other MLB trade deadlines as the season goes on (I think there are 18 more!), but today's deadline is the only one in which trades can be made without having to put players through waivers.

For baseball fans, it's as close as it gets to Canada's unofficial national holiday, the NHL trade deadline.

Going into today's events, I paid more attention to the deadline than in previous years, mostly because this year big name players were likely to be (and were) dealt:

Victor Martinez - to the BoSox
Jake Peavy - to the ChiSox (what??? he just rejected a trade to them a few months ago!)
Jarrod Washburn - to the Tigers
Scott Rolen - to the Reds
Nick Johnson - to the Marlins

Throw in the bevy of MLB trades that were made the few days leading up to today and you have a VERY busy trade deadline.

For Jays fans, Roy Halladay still is in your rotation. Will he last through the offseason? My guess it no...but time will tell.

And Pirates fans? Your team traded it's entire roster over the last few days. Rumour has it that they are considering starting this guy in their next game. had (and still has) full live coverage that's been insightful, interesting and up-to-date.

The MLB trade deadline still doens't have the cache that the NHL's version holds, but ultimately, there were still loads of trades.

And who doesn't like trades????


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