Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Drop the Gloves

Considering holiday decorations are everywhere around us, Santa is in the mall, and people are making plans to spend holiday time with loved ones...it's OBVIOUSLY time for a blog entry about hockey fights!

I'll "pull no punches"...I love em!

Something about two guys squaring off...the crowd rising to their feet...the players on the bench banging their sticks with enthusiasm...it's a real spectacle.

Sure, some fights are totally staged (just not spontaneous enough for my liking) and some are just hug-fests (lame)...but every once in a while there is a fight so sensational that EVERYONE that I know that's is a hockey fan, can't stop talking about it.

The legs of a great fight, are a lot longer than those of a great game.

For instance, people still love talking about Coxe vs. Probert or Probert vs. Domi...and those fights were 23 and 18 years ago respectably!

Do people still reminisce about great GAMES from '87 or '92? Not very likely.

Anyhow, one of my favourite sites www.hockeyfights.com has just released their Top 10 Fights of the Decade...and I can't argue with any of the bouts that made their list.

I especially am in awe of the Jeremy Yablonski/Jon "Nasty" Mirasty scraps...two unbelievably tough guys.

CLICK HERE to see the breakdown and all the vids.

I wonder how many Rick Rypien fights will be in the NEXT best of the decade?

Me thinks (and me hopes)...A FEW!

"Bloodthirsty" BrockTalk

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